SGx: 9: Gareth Cordey
Occupation: Director Car Colours: orange
Company: Cordey Estates Car Year: 2012
Company's Service: Estate Agent Hometown: Darlington
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Croft
Sponsors: Ann Cordey Estate Agents
Race History: 10 years in karts
2 seasons in Global Lights
1 season in Tigers
10 seasons in Grads
Race Highlights: Finishing! and 3rd in 2013's Super championship and 3rd again in 2015 with 7 podiums and,at last, pole
Interests: F1, travelling, the caribbean, competitive angling and hot curries

SGx: 11: Peter Marsh
Occupation: Retired Car Colours: Red/Black
Company: Car Year: 2010
Company's Service: Bespoke Jewellery Manufacture Hometown: Tittensor
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: Shona Marsh - Bespoke Jewellery
Race History: Started racing Caterhams in July 2009 at a VERY mature state of life - it's not as easy as it looks!!!

Good regular back marker! - at least consistent
2017 Birkett Relay - 5th out of 70 on handicap and 2nd in class
Zillions of “Best Improver” - Medals, Glass Mirror Shields and Thick Glass Blocks!!!
Race Highlights: Not that many!
Interests: Restoring classic Cars, Any racing especially F1, Caterham Racing, Flying - a Cessna, Hill walking, Gym, Trackdays, , Malt Whiskey, WHINGEING ....... and people watching in the gym!!

SGx: 12: Michael Downing
Occupation: Patent Attorney Car Colours: Silver/Red
Company: Downing IP Car Year: 2012-2018
Company's Service: Patents - Trade Marks - Designs Protection Hometown: High Wycombe
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: All funds gratefully received from the satisfied clients of my firm Downing IP, patent & trade mark attorneys in South Bucks. If you or your business have a bright idea for a product, or a promising brand, speak to us. Initial consultations are without charge and the sooner you set up the proper IP protection, the stronger it will be.
Race History: Raced in the Caterham Academy in 2012 and in Caterham Roadsports in 2013. Joined the Graduates (Sigma) for 2014 and have raced with the Grads since then. Best results so far have been 6th place finishes at Pembrey in 2014 and Cadwell in 2015. Moved to Sigmax part-way through 2016, just as my Sigma campaign really began to take off. Literally. Sadly the vast majority of the car was unable to come with me, and a few months later its replacement took a liking to the solid wall just beyond Eau Rouge. Rebuilt the original car onto a bare chassis over the winter, and then spent 2017 driving it very cautiously around a range of circuits.
Race Highlights: "Best improver' at Pembrey in 2014, gaining 7 places was my first ever motorsport prize. Second in class at the 2017 Birkett was my first trophy. No, it's mine, no-one else is allowed to touch it. My precious. Highlight of 2014 was passing 4 other cars in one move through Raidillon during my first visit to Spa & seeing the video make it to the end-of-season round-up. It's on YouTube, I can generally look it up for you within a few seconds. Do ask... Top moment in 2015 was working my way past 7 other cars at Brands Hatch. Such a shame that this was after stalling on the grid so that I started from stone dead last (14th) instead of 7th. Oh well. I spent a brief moment running in third place at Thruxton in 2015. Specifically, it was for 3/4s while travelling backwards across the grass. Sadly I was somewhat distracted at the time and did not notice until afterwards. Returned to Thruxton in 2016 to establish that Caterhams do not have good inverted-flight characteristics. Would like one day to complete a racing lap of Thruxton. Ideally in someone else's car.
Interests: My racing, my dogs, my wife and children (not necessarily in that order)

SGx: 14: Peter Marshall
Occupation: Project Manager for wind farms Car Colours: Blue / Orange
Company: Car Year: 2009
Company's Service: Hometown: Biggar
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Knockhill
Race History: Hillclimbs and sprints for the past 10 years. Won the Scottish Hillclimb championship (in class) in 2017, the Scottish Sprint Championship (in class), Speed Championship (in class) and Lowlands Championship (in class) in 2015.
Race Highlights: Beating the class record at Doune hill climb by half a second on two occasions.
Interests: New vehicles, old vehicles, spending time in the shed, football.

SGx: 19: Andrew Sagar
Occupation: Engineering Director Car Colours: Black/Green
Company: INVISTA Car Year: 2009
Company's Service: Hometown: Billingham
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Croft
Race History: Raced since 2007, exclusively in Caterhams

Raced in Classics, Supers and Sigmax with Grads and did a little bit in the Caterham Series in Tracksport/Supersport.

Had a year off in 2018
Race Highlights: Lots of highlights and fun but not much in the way of results and definitely not a podium!
Interests: Cars, families, holidays

SGx: 20: Andy Molsom
Occupation: Optometrist Car Colours: Black
Company: Molsom & Associates Optometrists Car Year: 2008
Company's Service: Spectacles,Contact Lens, Sunglasses Hometown: Boston
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Cadwell Park
Sponsors: Molsom & Associates Optometrists
Race History: First season racing in 2004
3 races in Supergrads.
Best result 7th

Supergrads in 2005
11 Races
Best Qualifying 3rd, Best result 5th.
Lap Record Pembrey
Overall 5th in Championship.

Supergrads in 2006
5 Races entered.
Best result 5th.
Silverstone Lap Record.

Supergrads in 2007
6 races entered
Best Qualifying 2nd, Best result 1st
Donington Lap Record

Supergrads in 2008
3 races entered
Best qualifying 15th, Best result 2nd

Supergrads in 2009
3 races entered
Best qualifying 8th, Best result 5th

Supergrads in 2010
Only Snetterton Weekend-Best result 7th

Super grads in 2011
Donington only

Super grads in 2012
8 races!
Best quali. 9th
Best result 9th
Lap record Rockingham

Supergrads in 2013
9 Races
Best Quali 3rd at Spa
Best result 3rd at Pembrey and Cadwell

Supergrads in 2014
FULL SEASON! 16 races.
Best Quali 2nd
One Win at Silverstone, 3 thirds and 4th in Championship. BEST CONSISTENT FINISHER.

Supergrads in 2015
FULL SEASON! 15 races.
Best Quali POLE
3 podiums (2nd and two 3rds), LAP RECORDS at SILVERSTONE GP and CADWELL. 4th in Championship. BEST CONSISTENT FINISHER.

Supergrads in 2016
2 Poles,3 wins LAP RECORDS at Rockingham and Thruxton. 3rd in Championship

Supergrads in 2017
2 Poles,3 wins LAP RECORDS at Donington Park GP and Pembrey new layout. 2nd in Championship

Sigmax in 2018
Struggled with car all season trying to find issues with handling. Think we have now solved it for 2019.
Race Highlights: Qualifying 3rd in my first race. First win at Pembrey 2007 Second win at Silverstone 2014 from 8th on grid. Leading the whole class of Megas in my old Super.
Interests: Real Ale, Cars, Shooting

SGx: 22: Ryan Scarratt
Occupation: Car Colours: Grey
Company: Car Year: 2011
Company's Service: Hometown: Dunstable
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Silverstone
Race History: Academy Championship
Race Highlights:

SGx: 26: Stephen Arnell
Occupation: I.T. Techincal Services Team Leader Car Colours: Yellow
Company: PD Ports Car Year: 2010
Company's Service: Hometown: Hartlepool
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Croft
Race History: 2018 - First season of racing, competed in four race weekends.
Race Highlights: Two best improver awards, best finish was 14th place.
Interests: Music, Family, Cars.

SGx: 44: Charles Elliott
Occupation: IT Managing Director Car Colours: White with orange stripe
Company: Deutsche Bank Car Year: 2013
Company's Service: Financial Services Hometown: Weybridge, Surrey
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Race History: Sigmax 2018 - first year in Sigmax. Very mediocre.

SuperGraduates 2017 - sabbatical.

SuperGraduates 2016 - car seemed good but driver never quite got into it. I did finish on the podium in Spa though, which was great! 7th in the championship.

SuperGradustes 2015 - started pretty well in the first three events, but had a very bad weekend at Silverstone and then lost the sump plug at Donington after being smashed up the rear (unrelated incident!) in qualifying. Needed a new chassis and completely rebuilt engine, so sat the rest of the season out.

SuperGraduates 2014 - first win and was running a strong second in the championship with two events to go. Slashed my thumb with a knife at Snetterton and had to miss the last four races. Finished 5th in championship.

SuperGraduates 2013 - finished 4th in the Championship, my highest finish. Two third places and a second place. Unfortunately couldn't make the final double header at Spa.

SuperGraduates 2012 - a reasonable season, but missed a few races after blowing my engine at Thruxton in qualifying. Finished 8th.

SuperGraduates 2011 - another 6th place in the championship with 4 6th places and and 3 5th places.

SuperGraduates 2010 - slightly less rubbish

SuperGraduates 2009 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2008 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2007 - rubbish

SuperGraduates 2006 - don't ask. Rolled the car at Silverstone National and then had a big accident on lap 1 at Cadwell park, ending my season.

SuperGraduates 2005 - full season and I did surprisingly well finishing 6th overall. Best result were 4ths and Donington and Pembrey, qualified on the front row of the grid in race 2 at Pembrey.

Caterham Academy 2004 - first racing experience.
Finished 13th overall, best result was 9th at Brands Hatch.

Class 3rd at the Plum Pudding, 2004.
Race Highlights: Not in a good way, but rolling the car at Silverstone at least gives you something interesting to talk about!

SGx: 46: Barry White
Occupation: SVP Commercial Car Colours: Black/ White/ Red
Company: Meggitt PLC Car Year: 2010
Company's Service: Aerospace and Defence Systems Hometown: Weybridge
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: 12 Dots 12 Dots
Race History: National Pro-Kart Endurance Clubman Champions 2008

Caterham Graduates Supers
2011: finished 22nd in my 1st year racing in Caterham Graduates
2012: finished 11th
2013: finished 10th
2014: finished 11th
2015: finished 12th (3 events)
2016: finished 9th
2016: finished [9th] (5 events)
2017: first class pole at Oulton, best finish 1st at Snetterton. Finished 3rd in Championship and Best Consistent Finisher
2018: finished 13th - first year of Sigmax
2018: moving to Sigmax...
Race Highlights: Qualifying on Pole at Oulton in the first round of 2017. Qualifying on Pole and finishing 1st at Snetterton in 2017.
Interests: Skiing! Good company, food, and wine!