MG: 56: Mark Jones
Occupation: CEO Car Colours: Black and White
Company: Roofline Group Car Year: 2002
Company's Service: Waterproofing specialists Hometown: Portsmouth
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Thruxton/Brands Hatch
Race History: Finished 6th in class for the 2018 season and won best consistent finisher trophy. Also 6th in 2017, up 3 places from 9th in my first race season of 2016 in the Mega class. Gained many best improver 'trophies' along the way over the past 3 seasons so nice to have something on the shelf at home. Hoping to replace these with podium trophies at some point :)!
Race Highlights: 2018 - 3 best improvers and best consistent finisher trophy 2017 - 3 best improvers 1st race season 2016 - 4 best improver awards.
Interests: Mountain Biking, Skiing, anything motorsport orientated, driving holidays, VW Campervans

MG: 57: Kim Rayment
Occupation: Accountant Car Colours: Kawasaki Green with black wings
Company: Car Year: 2004
Company's Service: Hometown: Hampton Lucy
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Mallory Park
Sponsors: none
Race History: Started Racing: Academy 2000

No of podiums: 0
2007 Upgrade to racing Mega Grad
Race Highlights: 1st in qualy race at Knockhill-2006 4th Mallory -2005
Interests: Skiing Sailing.

MG: 63: Chris Savage
Occupation: Sales Manager Car Colours: White
Company: Afi uplift Car Year: 2002
Company's Service: powered access Hometown: Fareham
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Thruxton
Race History: 3 year caterham graduates
Race Highlights:

MG: 69: John Benfield
Occupation: Project Manager Car Colours: Green/Black
Company: Wallbanger Ltd Car Year: 2004
Company's Service: IT Consultancy Hometown: Peterborough
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Rockingham (retired)
Race History: 750MC

1998 750MC Class A
1999 750MC Class C
2000 750MC Class C, 1 Class win, 2nd in Class and 5th overall
2001 750MC Class C
2002 750MC Class B, 4 Class wins, 1st in Class and 4th overall
2012-2015 Graduate Mega, no podiums but trying hard
2016 Finally a win at Thruxton and a 3rd at Brands
2017 One more win and a third but a frustrating season with three DNFs due to mechanical issues but did get the Mega lap record at Silverstone Internation by over half a second
2018 The one to forget, 4 starts, 1 finish, 3 crashes
Race Highlights: Winning Class B in the 750MC (2002)