Caterham Graduates Racing Classes

Classic Graduates

Classic Graduates is for cars that originally competed in the Caterham Scholarship/Academy between 1995 and 2000. They have "live" rear axles and 1600cc 8-valve engines, producing around 100 bhp (1994-1999 Ford cross-flow, 2000 Vauxhall) Classic Graduates run on class 1A Yokohama A539s tyres, ensuring a good balance of power-to-grip. All cars must have upgraded Rakeway rear driveshafts.

Super Graduates

Super-Graduates is for cars which originally competed in the Caterham Academy between 2001 and 2007. The cars have DeDion rear suspension and a 1600cc Rover K-series engine producing around 125bhp. They run on stickier Yokohama A048R tyres and may have an optional rear anti-roll bar. New for 2013 windscreens may be removed.

Mega Graduates

Mega-Graduates is an up-grade of the Super Graduates car, with about 140bhp thanks to some controlled engine modifications. The cars are also allowed wide-track front suspension for better handling. Perhaps the most obvious changes are an aeroscreen instead of a full windscreen and the deletion of headlights and rear lights, giving a more "race car" look and reduced aerodynamic drag. An upgraded TranX gearbox is allowed which provides different gear ratios to the standard gearbox.

Sigma Graduates

Sigma-Graduates is for cars from 2008 onwards that run to current Caterham Academy specification. The only significant permitted changes are a swap to stickier Yokohama A048R tyres and an optional rear anti-roll bar. The cars have DeDion rear suspension. Cars have a 1600cc Ford Sigma engine producing around 120bhp. Aeroscreens replace windscreens from 2012.

SigMax Graduates

SigMax-Graduates is for upgraded Sigma-Graduates cars, originally from the 2008 Caterham Academy onwards, which have been modified or upgraded with the addition of any of the changes permitted for the Caterham Tracksport of Supersport championships.