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Classics For Sale

Classic Graduates specification: 1600cc Ford Crossflow or Vauxhall 8v, live-axle Caterham Scholarship 1995-99, Caterham Academy 2000. A Caterham “Beaulieu” could be converted to the correct specification

£8750 Classic Graduate

Sigmas For Sale

Sigma Graduates specification: 1600cc Ford Sigma, DeDion. Caterham Academy 2008-on. May also be advertised as Roadsports “B”*

£13500 Jon Harmer's 2017 Championship car
£13000 Championship winning car

Supers For Sale

Supers specification: 1600c K-series, DeDion. Caterham Academy 2001-07. Maybe also be advertised as Roadsports “B”*. Possible to convert a Roadsports “A”* by replacing headlamps & windscreen, etc

£9995 Caterham Super

SigMax For Sale

SigMax Graduates specification:

£13500 winning car
£14495 Riveria Blue Sigmax
£13995 Race Winning Car
£15995 Fresh 2013 SigMax
£16495 2010 Sigmax

Other Items For Sale

£20 Caterham - side impact bars
£40 ono Engine Mounts - K series
£30 ono Full Harness - seat belts
£70 ono Caterham - 1/2 side screens
£55^ Caterham Windscreens
£Various Imperial suspension and K series engine parts
£100 Transponder
£?? Alloy panels
£55 Front anti-roll bar
£35 Rear anti-roll bar
£75 Type 9 - gearchange/lever
£200 K series SILENCER
£150 Caterham - K Series sump pan
£750 Mega Tran-X gearbox
£275 Race Technology DL1 and Dash3
£1100.00 2013 sigma engine
£1500 SigMax Engine
£100 Official Caterham Tonneau Cover
£3150 Covered Minno Max Trailer

Wanted Items

£To Be Agreed Exhaust Silencer to fit Sigmax
£TBC Tillett Seat